Samsung Galaxy A34 5G | Unboxing & 1 Week Review

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G, with an unboxing of this value smartphone, camera test, gaming, battery life and more. The Samsung A34 5G is just £300 in the UK right now, making it one of the best phones at this price. It’s cheaper than the Pixel 7a, Galaxy A54 and other rivals, and I enjoyed testing it this past week.

The Galaxy A34 5G boasts a similar software setup to the S23 flagship smartphones, with OneUI 5 adding all of Samsung’s usual mobile services. That camera isn’t as good in low light vs the A54, but it’s still fine for everyday photos and video. And gamers can also enjoy a bit of Genshin Impact, on low detail settings – but the Mediatek chipset can’t keep everything smooth all of the time.

Battery life is a highlight of the Samsung Galaxy A34 5G, giving all day play even with plenty of camera action. And that AMOLED screen is a bit of a stunner, even if it didn’t support HDR streaming on Netflix. Visuals are bright and poppy, with a stereo speaker setup (but no headphone jack).

So for the £300 budget price, the Galaxy A34 5G is a smartphone that’s quite easy to recommend. However it also has strong rivalry from the OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite and Poco F5, so check out the competition – full reviews and unboxing videos here on Tech Spurt!

Samsung Galaxy A34 5G Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 – Talky bit at start
0:52 – Unboxing
1:12 – Design
3:24 – Features & OneUI 5
5:57 – Display & audio
8:18 – Storage & connectivity
8:50 – Performance & gaming
10:33 – Battery life
11:32 – Cameras
14:59 – Verdict

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