Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Review | The best Sammy mid-ranger?

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G after one week of using it as my personal phone, for mobile gaming, shooting photos and home movies with the camera, and everything else. Here’s my thoughts on the Samsung A53 5G vs last year’s A52 and A52s, some of the best mid-range smartphones you can still get in 2022.

Gamers will likely want to look elsewhere like the OnePlus Nord 2, unless you’re happy enough with PubG and CoDM. Genshin Impact is a juddery experience on the Galaxy A53, even with detail settings on low. Likewise, the headphone jack has been culled for Samsung’s latest model.

However, those grumbles aside, this is still a fantastic mid-range phone in many ways. For one, the camera can handle a wide variety of scenarios, with respectable portrait smarts and Single Take mode on board. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G can shoot good looking 4K video as well, if lighting isn’t too rubbish.

Battery life is better than ever with a bigger 5000mAh cell on board, while the media chops are still strong. You have expandable storage, a gorgeous Super AMOLED screen, Dolby Atmos support and more.

Have you been using this blower as your smartphone? Let us know your own thoughts below and check out my OneUI 4 video for more on the software side!

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Review Chapters:
0:00 – At least it’s short
0:36 – Design
2:18 – Features & OneUI 4.1
3:58 – Display & audio
4:58 – Performance & gaming
6:17 – Battery life
7:29 – Cameras
9:59 – Verdict

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