Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is here! #Shorts #Samsung

My Samsung Galaxy A54 5G hands-on review and comparison vs the Galaxy A34 5G is live now on the Tech Spurt channel. Here’s a closer look at the Galaxy A54 5G ahead of my unboxing and review of Samsung’s latest 2023 mid-range smartphone. Will it be one of the best of the year? Stay tuned!

Keeping Your Computer Fast – Part 1: Avoiding Malware

To keep your computer running optimally takes a bit of discipline. You have to be diligent about maintenance. Things like doing your best to avoid viruses, defragmenting your hard drive, and removing software that is no longer needed go a long way towards this goal. In this article let’s learn the connection between malware and computer speeds, and of course prevention.

Six Tips For Extending The Life Of Lithium-Based Batteries

Lithium batteries are advancing rapidly, and they provide longer use times than nickle and lead based batteries. Their use has been adopted as the standard for most of the spy cameras, and other electronics on the market today. Here are six tips to extend the life of your lithium-ion based electronic device.

Amateur Slow Computer Repair – Do It at Home!

If you have a slow computer, repair might be necessary to make that PC run faster than ever. There are many times, however, when you may require better CPU speed, but do not have the means necessary to pay for the consulting necessary. Read on for information how.

Tablet Computers: Top 5 Must Have Accessories For The Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab is the newbie in tablet computers and like the others comes with a number of accessories. This article discusses the top 5 must have accessories for your Galaxy Tab.

Firefox and Chrome Cache on RAM Drive – Fedora and Ubuntu

By storing browser cache to ram disk, you can improve browsing speed. Especially if you are surfing all day. Now a days modern computers are equipped with more than required ram. Part of this RAM can be used for caching purpose. Also this will spare you from cleaning disk clutter.

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