Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Review | A big improvement

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, a mid-range smartphone and Pixel 6a rival boasting an upgraded 50MP camera and fresh Exynos 1380 performance. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G costs from £449 in the UK and this OneUI 5.1 phone is a worthy successor to the A53, especially for gaming.

Grab your very own Samsung A54 right here:

While last year’s Galaxy A53 smartphone was a let-down, this 2023 update makes amends with a redesigned Exynos 1380 chipset. Genshin Impact has been quite stable this week on the Galaxy A54, even when pushed up to medium detail settings, with only the occasional drop in frame rate.

Battery life is good enough for over six hours of screen-on time per charge, even with lots of audio streaming in the BG. Sadly the Samsung Galaxy A54 peaks at 25W wired charging and there’s no wireless charging (check out the Nothing Phone 1 if that’s a deal breaker).

As for that camera, well, the Galaxy A54 5G serves up a primary 50MP sensor that does a great job in most conditions, although moving subjects can pose a problem as shutter speed isn’t the fastest. All the same, even in low light you can get some quite sharp and bright photos.

So are you tempted by the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, or are you already using it? Let us know your verdict below!

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Review Chapters:
0:00 – Banging on a bit
0:52 – Design
2:40 – One UI 5.1 & features
4:57 – Display & audio
6:26 – Performance & gaming
7:49 – Battery life
8:31 – Cameras
11:13 – Verdict

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