Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Unboxing & Tour | Camera, Gaming & More!

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G mid-range smartphone, with an upgraded 50MP camera and Exynos 1380 for improved gaming vs the A53. My full review of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is incoming but here’s my early verdict on this phone for gamers, photo fans etc.

Check out my round-up of the best mid-range phones of 2023 here on Tech Spurt and order your own Samsung A54 right here:

While last year’s A50 series smartphone was a let-down, this fresh model seems to correct the awful performance with a redesigned Exynos 1380 chipset. While Genshin Impact still won’t quite play with a fluid frame rate on medium settings on the Galaxy A54 5G, gamers can certainly enjoy their thumb-mashing sessions with a more stable experience overall.

Battery life seems strong so far, offering around six hours of screen-on time per charge. However, I’ll expand on my experiences in my final review of the Samsung A54 5G. You have 25W wired charging and no wireless charging (check out the Nothing Phone 1 if that’s a deal breaker).

As for that camera, well, Samsung reckons the bigger pixel size of the Galaxy A54 5G’s primary 50MP sensor means better night photography. I’ll be testing that out over the next couple of weeks too, as well as the video capture performance.

So are you tempted by the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, or are you already using it? Let us know your verdict below!

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 – When does the video begin
0:52 – What’s in the box? (not much)
1:06 – Design
3:26 – OneUI 5.1 & features
5:18 – Display & audio
6:55 – Performance & gaming test
8:41 – Battery
9:48 – Cameras
12:27 – Byyyyeeeee

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