Samsung Galaxy A54 vs A34 | Hands-on Review & Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and A34 5G just launched and my hands-on review shows off the camera tech, OneUI 5.1 features and specs. The UK price starts from £349 for the Galaxy A34 5G and £449 for the Samsung A54 5G, with a release date of April 25 2023.

Check out the latest Samsung gear on the official website:

That A34 5G uses Mediatek’s Dimensity 1080 and the Samsung A54 5G has that Exynos 1380, which apparently offers a slight performance boost in early benchmarking. I’ll be testing them in real life and with lots of gaming to see if it makes a difference!

Both of these mid-range smartphones serve up a familiar S23 design, although the A34 is larger at 6.6-inches vs 6.4. The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G upgrades the back to Gorilla Glass 5, while both are water resistant.

That camera tech is completely different, however. You get a larger sensor with bigger pixels on the Samsung A54, for improved low light photography. Whether this works, you’ll have to wait for my full review to see!

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G may sport a smaller display but it’s the same slick Super AMOLED tech with 120Hz refresh and 1000 nits brightness. You have a stereo speaker setup, microSD support and years of OS updates too.

Full unboxing of the Samsung A54 and A34 coming soon!

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G vs A34 5G Chapters:
0:00 – Oooooh shiny
0:51 – Design
2:15 – Display & audio
3:36 – OneUI 5.1 & features
4:45 – Performance
5:49 – Battery life
6:37 – Cameras
8:23 – Byyyeeeeeee

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