Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro vs Pro 360 | Fresh 2022 Super-Slim Laptops!

Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro vs the 360 13-inch and 15-inch models, to see which of these fresh 2022 ultraportable Windows laptops might be best for you. Here’s a run-through of the specs and new features of the Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 and that standard model, boasting Samsung’s next-gen security and Intel Evo performance.

If you saw my review with the original laptop, you’ll know I’m a fan. That slender finish has been carried across, now with improved heating design and AI for these updated notebooks. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro should be great for media as well as office tasks, while the 360 model boasts S-Pen stylus support. And all versions, including the 13-inch as well as the 15-inch laptop, should serve up a gorgeous OLED display, powerful speakers and long battery life.

Stay tuned for my unboxing and review with these Galaxy models, and you can check out my other MWC 2022 coverage right here on Tech Spurt for all the big launches.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro vs Pro 360 Chapters:
0:00 – The short talky start bit
0:33 – Design
1:15 – Ports & keyboard
1:48 – Display & audio
2:30 – Camera
3:02 – Software & security
3:56 – Performance & cooling
4:53 – Networking & connectivity
5:28 – Battery life

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