Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro Review | Ultra-slim 16-inch Macbook Air rival

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro, a slim 16-inch laptop boasting 13th Gen Intel smarts, a gorgeous 3K display and respectable specs. Want a skinny and ultra-light Windows notebook that’s powerful enough for creative shenanigans, and great for movies? The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro is a solid choice in 2023. Note, this isn’t the 360 model which converts into a tablet.

This review model laptop was the Core i5 version with 16GB RAM. In the UK, you can grab the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro from £1349, while the 360 model costs £500 extra. You can get Samsung credit if you pre-order now with this link:

Media fans and creators will love the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, which boasts dependable performance thanks to Intel’s 13th Gen processor tech. If you want dedicated graphics, then check out Samsung’s Ultra model instead, while the Book3 Pro 360 boasts a touchscreen and stylus.

Battery life is good enough to last you hours, plus the ports serve up dual Thunderbolt connections. That AMOLED display is a stunner, and the quad speaker setup belts out audio at an impressive volume.

So are you tempted by a Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro laptop? Let us know below!

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Pricing and general waffle
0:58 – Design
2:27 – Ports
2:50 – Features
3:46 – Display & audio
5:28 – Keyboard & touchpad
7:11 – Webcam & mics
8:37 – Performance & benchmarking
10:17 – Battery life
10:38 – Byyyeeeeeee

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