Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go Review

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, a 14-inch Chrome OS laptop with LTE support. It’s not the most budget friendly option but if you want to stay connected everywhere, the Galaxy Chromebook Go is one of the best.

You can bag one on contract from Vodafone here:

Sadly Samsung’s mini laptop is flawed in a couple of areas. That display is simply not good enough for the price, with rivals from Asus, HP, Lenovo and more offering stronger media chops. I also saw some performance issues although on the whole the Chromebook Go behaved itself.

Connectivity is respectable for a laptop of this ilk, while the keyboard is a joy to use for extended periods – despite the lack of backlighting. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go enjoys all day battery life like many of its peers as well. Add in the 4G cellular support and Wifi 6 networking, and this is a good option for mobile workers. As long as you can overlook the poor screen, that is.

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go Review Chapters:
0:00 – Oh no it’s the intro
0:49 – Design
1:50 – Ports
2:16 – Keyboard
3:11 – Display & audio
4:36 – Camera & mic
5:21 – Performance
6:15 – Connectivity
6:56 – Battery life
7:41 – Verdict

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