Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review | Still good in 2023?

Reviewing Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra flagship phone again in 2023, with One UI 5.0 and Android 13 on board. This long term verdict reconsiders my original Samsung S22 Ultra review, comparing with fresher rivals like Google’s Pixel 7 Pro for camera smarts, battery life and more. With the price set to drop as the Galaxy S23 Ultra launches, is it one of the best choices for 2023?

I like quite a few of the One UI 5 improvements such as the easily altered lock screen, stackable widgets, improved notifications control etc. Some of those features come to the Galaxy S22 Ultra courtesy of Android 13, some have been added by Samsung. I do still see some jank here and there and Bixby still ain’t as great as the Google Assistant, but the security updates have come thick and fast.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Exynos model also boasts better battery life than ever before, thanks to some background optimisation. Performance is fine, certainly good enough for gaming, if not quite as smooth as the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 smartphones. And the media creds are lit, as the kids might possibly say.

But of course the main advantage of the Samsung S22 Ultra, something likely to come to the Galaxy S23 phones, is the S Pen stylus. This is the main reason to get the Ultra over the Plus model.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Long Term Review Chapters:
0:00 – Back to this big ‘un
1:08 – Design
3:03 – One UI 5 & features
4:18 – Display & audio
4:49 – S Pen stylus
6:04 – Performance & gaming
7:09 – Battery life
8:06 – Cameras
10:40 – Verdict

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