Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra Tips | First 20 Things To Do!

OneUI 5.1 on Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series smartphones is packed with features, so here’s a tips and tricks guide for the S23, Plus & Ultra to maximise your camera time, gaming and battery life! I’ve been reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with its S Pen, 200MP camera and impressive specs and here’s my favourite features in OneUI.

This intrepid phone trio offer impressive personalisation, and that’s where we begin. You can customise the desktops, lock screen and UI to suit your needs, while decking the Galaxy S23 Plus, Ultra or regular with an Always On Display and useful widgets.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may boast the best camera of this bunch, but even the regular and Plus models serve up some great features for capturing slick snaps. Expert RAW is now available direct through the camera app for instance, while the editing tools have expanded.

Gaming on the Samsung S23 Plus, Ultra etc is a joy as well, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 stuffed inside. You have the OneUI 5.1 game booster feature to help you concentrate too, as we show off in this tips and tricks guide.

Did we miss out your own favourite Samsung Galaxy S23 features? Let us know down below and check out the Ultra review for more on this almighty phone!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Tips & Tricks Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
0:31 – Desktops
1:32 – Theme colours
1:51 – Lock screen
2:35 – Always on Display
3:12 – Widgets
4:28 – Display tips
5:17 – S23 Ultra S Pen
5:57 – Air Actions
6:42 – One Handed Mode
7:15 – Edge Panels
7:39 – Split screen
8:18 – Camera quick-load
9:05 – Battery & Device Care
9:32 – Samsung Smart Things
10:28 – Modes & Routines
12:30 – Security & Privacy
13:12 – Gaming
13:57 – Camera tips
14:48 – Expert RAW
15:32 – Editing photos
16:18 – Byyyyyyeeeee

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