Samsung Galaxy S23, Plus & Ultra | TSW141

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Plus and regular 2023 flagship all launched this week and here’s my hands-on report ahead of unboxing and review shenanigans. While Samsung’s fresh 200MP HP2 camera sensor may be a Galaxy S23 Ultra exclusive here, all three phones at least get Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and some other minor tweaks.

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As well as the new handsets, Samsung also launched a series of Book3 laptops. The Galaxy Book3 Pro comes in a 360-degree flavour, while the Galaxy Book3 Ultra packs in a fresh 13th Gen Intel chipset and Nvidia RTX 40-series laptop GPU. For £2500.

Are you tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Plus or standard? Stick around for more on these pricey 2023 flagship smartphones!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep141 Chapters:
0:00 – I like whisky
1:07 – Samsung Galaxy S23 & Plus
3:06 – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
4:54 – Samsung Galaxy Book3 laptops
6:05 – Viewer comments
11:01 – Motorola’s new 2023 phones
13:24 – Next week

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