Samsung Galaxy S23 Review | Finally, They Fixed It!

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S23, a fresh compact Android phone sporting familiar camera tech but upgraded Snapdragon performance. Here in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is no longer blighted with Exynos – so gaming and battery life are both improved at last!

Check out my comparison vs the S23 Plus and last year’s S22 to see what the differences between these OneUI smartphones. And click here for Samsung’s deals on the S23 & S23 Plus :

This 2023 flagship phone sadly doesn’t offer a camera update compared with last year’s model. It’s the same sensors, with very similar performance in day or night.

However, the Samsung S23 does rock a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the UK at long last, meaning we finally get dependable battery life and solid gaming performance with no overheating. And OneUI 5.1 mostly behaved itself during the review, except for some Bluetooth jank.

So that’s my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S23, one of the best compact smartphones in 2023. Check out my reviews of the Ultra and hands-on with the Plus for more!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Get on with it!
1:02 – Design
2:53 – OneUI 5.1 & features
4:18 – Display & audio
5:42 – Performance & gaming
7:01 – Battery life
8:25 – Cameras
11:30 – Verdict

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