Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, 200MP Beast? | TSW127

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the rest of the 2023 flagship phone family leaked a little this week, revealing an Ultra-style design for all three and very familiar specs. Besides a 200MP camera upgrade for the Samsung S23 Ultra, it looks like the series will mostly sport the same optics as the S22 blowers. All three will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, even here in the UK. Meanwhile the other specs, including the battery charging and media chops, will apparently remain the same.

So like the Pixel 7 smartphones which are launching next week, it looks like the Galaxy S23, Plus and Ultra will be an incremental evolution over what we’ve already got. One for those with older tech who want something with the freshest tech come 2023.

As well as Samsung shenanigans, this week saw Huawei confirm that the Mate 50 Pro Global Edition will be coming to the UK after all. Amazon also launched a load of fresh tech, including the Kindle Scribe and Fire TV Cube 2022. Full unboxing and review shenanigans coming right up!

So what are your feeling on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, the Mate 50 Pro, and those upcoming Pixel 7 phones? And what exactly would a Spurt Phone look like? Let us know for next week!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep127 Chapters:
0:00 – Taste the excitement
0:33 – Samsung S23 leaks
2:46 – Amazon Kindle Scribe, Echo, Fire TV
4:03 – Huawei Mate 50 Pro Global Edition
5:52 – Viewer comments
15:20 – Next week

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