Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Hands-On Review #Shorts

Hands-on review of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, including the camera tech, performance, specs and features have changed. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will cost £1249 for 256GB, £1399 for 512GB and £1599 for the 1TB smartphone in the UK. Release date is Feb 17.

The Samsung S23 Ultra’s main upgrade is that camera tech, with a fresh 200MP Adaptive Pixel sensor for photos and video. That’s vs the 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, upgrading the 9-in-1 pixel binning to 16-in-1. Those other camera lenses on the S23 Ultra haven’t changed, but you can shoot 8K video at 30FPS now. And now the selfie camera is a 12MP effort.

Full review and unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra coming soon! #Samsung #GalaxyS23Ultra #SamsungS23Ultra #GalaxyUnpacked

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