Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Google Pixel 7 Pro | Camera, Gaming, Battery & More

Comparing Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Google’s Pixel 7 Pro to see which Android smartphone is best for camera tech, gaming, battery life & beyond! I’ve used both the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro as my full-time phone (check my review videos here on Tech Spurt) and here’s my real life verdict.

For the camera tests, here’s some side-by-side photos shot on both flagship phones. The Samsung S23 Ultra pumps out brighter photos with its 200MP HP2 sensor, while the Pixel 7 Pro’s 50MP camera tends to produce more natural pics. However, they’re both great for everyday photography and impress at night.

Gamers should check out the Galaxy S23 Ultra, as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 means beefier performance for Genshin Impact etc vs Google’s smartphone. The Pixel 7 Pro is still fine for gaming, just not as dependable. Battery life is also superior on the S23 Ultra, although it’s quite a bit more expensive.

So are you more tempted by the Galaxy or the Pixel? Which is the best phone in 2023? Well, I prefer the tidier Pixel 7 Pro setup with some excellent unique features, plus those more natural camera results. However, the Samsung S23 Ultra’s package of performance, longevity and S Pen action will be far too tempting for others.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Google Pixel 7 Pro Chapters:
0:00 – How much??
0:56 – Design
3:29 – Software & features
7:08 – Display & audio
9:02 – Performance & gaming
10:59 – Battery life
12:05 – Cameras
16:42 – Byyyeeeeee

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