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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will launch early 2024, with a release date likely to bleed into February – so here’s the latest leaks and rumours around this mighty smartphone. From the camera tech to the performance, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra to be a gentle evolution vs this year’s S23. As for the price, well…you can bet the fleshiest morsels of your anatomy that’ll be over £1000.

First, the camera. Expect a slightly improved main ISOCELL sensor to be packed into the Samsung S24 Ultra. There’s talk that this might increase in size to a full inch, or else merely boast improved autofocus. Early leaks also point to ISOCELL camera sensors for the other lenses.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra should also boast a performance boost courtesy of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. Battery life might hopefully improve a little despite the battery being identical to the S23.

That display will apparently hit a higher peak brightness but otherwise seems to be the same, along with the stereo speaker setup. And Samsung’s design hasn’t been tinkered with too much for the S24 Ultra, besides a flattening of the display – no more curving at the edges.

So are you tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? Which killer features might sway you to buy one? Let us know below!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Chapters:
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