Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review | Stellar battery life?

Reviewing Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, one of the best new premium smartwatches of 2022, with its massive battery and rugged design. I’ve been testing the Samsung Watch 5 Pro for almost a fortnight and here’s my verdict on the everyday experience.

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This 45mm model boasts several upgrades over the regular smartwatch although lacks the rotating bezel of the Watch 4 Classic. You’ve got a bigger cell for improved battery life (even if it’s still lacking vs Huawei rivals). That titanium body and enhanced sapphire screen are also impressively tough, so the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is one of the most durable offerings in 2022.

Google’s Wear OS is again on board, but with those Samsung services such as Pay and Bixby instead. You also have dedicated fitness and exercise tracking tools which tie directly into Samsung Health. So the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is certainly best suited to Sammy fans with a Galaxy smartphone, those Buds TWS, etc.

Check out my reviews of other fresh smartwatches and I’ll be testing out the regular Watch 5 from today, stay tuned for the final verdict in a couple of weeks – including which is best!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review Chapters:
0:00 – Skip this start bit
0:52 – Design (it’s a whopper)
2:50 – Display
3:12 – Wear OS & watch faces
4:50 – Bixby, mic & speaker
5:57 – Apps & notifications
7:31 – Fitness tracking
10:27 – Sleep tracking
11:41 – Battery life
13:06 – Verdict

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