Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – Sharing my Best Settings – Improving Battery & Perfomance!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – Sharing my Best Settings – Improving Battery & Perfomance!

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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro – 45mm
* 45mm Model
* 1.4” sAMOLED Display
* 450 x 450 / Always-On
* Sapphire Crystal
* Case: Armor Aluminium
* CPU: Exynos W920 Dual Core 1.18Ghz
* 1.5GB RAM (1GB) + 16GB Storage
* 5Ghz Wifi / Bluetooth 5.2 / NFC
* Wear OS Powered by Samsung
* Heart Rate/Pedometer/SPO2
* Sleep Monitoring / Fall Detection
* Supports BT Calls
* 590mAh Battery (80Hours)
* Fast Charge
* Wireless Charger
* Route/Track Back
* Removal Straps (20mm)
* 5ATM+IP68 / MIL-STD-810G
* Graphite
* 45.4mm / 10.5mm / 76g

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00:00 Intro
00:42 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
01:05 Brightness
01:54 WIFI
02:17 Location Services
02:30 HR Sensor (Most Taxing)
04:11 Blood Oxygen
05:10 Auto Workout Detection
07:33 Sound & Vibration
07:59 Display Settings / AOD
08:36 Notifications
09:02 Battery Life
09:21 My Charging Routine
10:03 Final Thoughts

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