Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Classic, Which Is Best? | TSW164

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and regular Watch 6 were launched at Unpacked this week and Chris was at the UK event, getting hands-on with these snazzy smartwatches. Here’s a closer look at the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and its cheaper sibling, to see which smartwatch might be best for you – full unboxing and review of that Classic coming soon! We also take a squint at the S9 Tablet, Plus and Ultra, which were launched alongside the phones and watches.

You can get more info and pre-order the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Tab S9, Plus and Ultra here:
Watch 6 Series:
Tab S9 Series:

Besides the size difference, you might want to stump up more for that premium model if you want the rotating bezel for skimming through Wear OS 4. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is also tougher, with a stainless steel casing – but besides that, these smartwatches rock very similar specs.

Battery life will depend on which size of Watch 6 you stump up for. Performance is the same on both Samsung Watch 6 models too, with the same Exynos chipset powering them. It’s gorgeous Super AMOLED tech either way, plus full Bixby support if you’re into voice assistant shenanigans.

Come back soon for my in-depth unboxing and review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic!

We also check out those Samsung Galaxy S9 tablets, which come in a choice of three sizes. This trio is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, comes bundled with the S Pen and shuns rain with IP68 resistance.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Classic Chapters:
0:00 – Galaxy Unpacked recap, on caffeine
1:29 – Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Classic
6:55 – Samsung Galaxy S9 Tablet series
9:50 – Viewer comments
19:04 – Next week

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