Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Hands-On #Shorts

My Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 hands-on review is live right now and here’s a one minute taste of the action! While the camera specs are the same as the Z Flip 4, Samsung’s latest foldable Galaxy boasts improved gaming performance, and a massive new cover screen.

Will Ereaders Such As Kindle One Day Help The Environment?

People using Kindle and other ereaders to read instead of the printed books, magazines and newspaper are increasing. These wireless reading devices enable readers to download and store several hundred ebooks limiting the need for paper and therefore less need to cut down trees, the lungs of our planet. Statistics show that there were three million ereaders sold in 2009 and it is expected that this figure will rise substantially in the coming years because the newer models have several good attractive features.

M2 Memory Cards Introduction

When you are buying a digital camera, cell phone or other electronic device, you’ll need to consider how the information on the device will be stored. Many devices, particularly cameras and cell phones, store this data in M2 memory cards.

Try Before You Buy Compact Cameras

When you go into a clothes shop and see something that you would like to buy your natural instinct is to try it on in the changing rooms before parting with your money. This same principle should be used when deciding upon a choice of camera. Your chosen supplier should give you the opportunity to test out any potential camera before you buy it as it will give you a better indication as to whether it is exactly what you are looking for as it can be a substantial investment.

The Private Cloud

The private cloud is becoming increasingly popular with businesses. Provided is a Q&A about setting up a private cloud infrastructure.

Industries Dependent on Sensitive Temperature Measuring Equipment

This article discusses the critical need for precision industrial temperature monitoring and temperature measuring instruments. There is also discussion on some of the different types of sensors and devices, and the industries that require them.

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