Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Review | Much Better Once ‘Hacked’!

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, a rival foldable to the Moto RAZR 40 Ultra and more compact alternative to the Z Fold 5. I’ve been using the Samsung Z Flip 5 as my full-time phone, testing the camera tech, gaming chops and battery life. And while it’s improved in some ways, this bendy Galaxy still needs some tweaking in others.

First, the camera hardware appears to be recycled from last year’s foldable phone. And while it’s generally dependable, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 does struggle in ambient light and when you need to zoom in.

Battery life is also less than ideal, maxing out at 5-6 hours of screen on time if you’re not using the camera too much etc. Every day of reviewing the Samsung Z Flip 5, this foldable Galaxy ended in power saving mode or dead by the evening. It’s definitely best suited to lighter users.

That enlarged cover screen is a beauty however, and with the Good Lock app you can run any app you desire on it. It’s much better for taking selfies with that camera, while the UI is slick (if not quite perfect).

Performance also gets a thumbs up. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 can play games like Genshin Impact no problem at all, while it only gets a little toasty under pressure.

That’s my review of the Z Flip 5, let me know your thoughts on this compact Samsung phone below!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Obvious innuendo
0:46 – Design
2:25 – Security & software
3:01 – Cover Screen
6:54 – Display & audio
8:20 – Performance & gaming
9:23 – Connectivity
10:00 – Battery life
11:08 – Cameras
14:20 – Verdict

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