Samsung Neo QLED QN90C, the best gaming TV? #Shorts

Check out my full tour of the Samsung Neo QLED QN90C gaming TV on the Tech Spurt YouTube channel.

Audio Bible – An Advantage!

Audio bibles have seen a lot of rise in its demand in the past decade or so. If you are a person who still does not have one then surely its time up for you. Many will certainly agree that it is just a matter of time that the audio version will have a certain edge over its counterpart, paperbacks.

Some iPhone Applications Really Do Save Peoples Lives

I’m sure hearing about how a application within your iPhone saved somebodies life, isn’t something you hear every day, I mean they have been plenty of stories about people being trapped, kidnapped and what have you, then they’ve been able to use their mobile phone to send a SMS message or a phone call to be rescued or whatever, but seriously, iPhone applications saving life’s? Well yes, it’s true, I mean iPhone’s aren’t called “Smart Phones” for no reason, there are a couple of different examples on how iPhone’s have saved life’s from their release, of course it’s not…

Audio Bible – The Growing Need!

Feeling lonely? Is there nobody to guide you? Just take the Bible along with you wherever you go!

Top 6 Features of the Nook

The Nook has many features that make it stand out. Here are the top 6 that will make you want to have one.

Amazon Kindle 3 Review: Head to Head Against the Nook and iPad

Kindle 3, a tasteful evolution to the most popular e-book reader, and now it fits in your stocking. The redesign of the Kindle adds a stylish new graphite finish, and host of other redesigns that aim to please. Lighter, thinner, and more ways to read than ever.

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