SAMSUNG PHONE Tips, Tricks, & Hidden Features most people don’t know

To unlock the full potential of your Samsung Galaxy phone, you NEED to know about these 30 features, tricks, and tips. These will bring your phone experience to the next level.

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0:00 These work on many Samsung phones
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0:50 2
1:30 3
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2:45 5
3:20 6
3:50 7
4:40 8
5:08 9
5:22 10
6:00 11
6:50 12
7:20 13
7:40 14
8:15 15
8:55 16
9:20 17
9:35 18
9:55 19
10:10 20
10:55 21
11:20 22
11:50 23
12:30 24
12:54 25
13:20 26
13:35 27
13:45 28
14:20 29
15:00 30

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