Should You Get A Robot Cat?? | Marscat Review

Reviewing the Marscat from Elephant Electronics, a robot pet cat that’s designed for anyone who can’t have a real kitty in their home. This robo-pet is certainly a charmer, and evolves depending on its interactions with you. But is the Marscat worth that high asking price?

Taking care of this cute robot is certainly easier than a proper cat. You don’t need to feed it. You don’t need to clean up that nasty kitty waste, or mop up the small intestines of random creatures they decide to kill and drag into your home. The Marscat can even charge itself if you pay extra for the dock.

That said, robot pets aren’t perfect. This Elephant Electronics cat isn’t fluffy, although it will purr if you stroke it. But stroking it feels a bit like you’re petting a kitchen appliance.

So are you tempted? Let us know below!

Marscat Robot Pet Review Chapters:
0:00 – Meow
0:41 – Why a robot?
1:22 – Design
1:53 – App
2:35 – Pros and cons of Marscat
3:58 – Sensors
4:50 – Moods & personality
5:21 – Toys
5:50 – Marscat vs real cat
6:20 – Battery life

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