Smart Home In A Box! | Sky Protect Unboxing, Setup & Full Tour #AD

Unboxing Sky Protect, a smart home setup in a box, available exclusively as part of Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance, a brand new way to look after your household. This unboxing includes a full tour of the Sky Protect video doorbell, indoor camera, motion and leak sensor and more. If you want a comprehensive set of smart devices to help keep your home safeguarded, sorted.

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First up, the video doorbell helps you to stay in touch with whoever comes to your front door. You can check 30 days of stored footage in the cloud, and communicate with whoever approaches. Plus it comes with a bundled chime, unlike many rivals.

The Sky Protect indoor camera also offers 30 days of cloud recordings, and can notify you if any noise or motion is detected when you’re away from home. Meanwhile the smart sensors perform a similar task, alerting you to any suspicious activity. And then there’s the Sky Protect leak sensors, which can clue you into any floods or other watery issues.

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Sky Protect Unboxing, Setup & Tour Chapters:
0:00 – The talky bit at start
0:36 – What’s in the box?
1:19 – Sky Protect app
2:12 – Indoor camera
5:45 – Video doorbell
10:06 – Motion sensors
11:53 – Contact sensors
12:17 – Leak sensors
13:59 – Automation
15:12 – People

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