Sony DualSense Edge Controller Review | What’s New vs Original Dual Sense?

Reviewing Sony’s DualSense Edge PS5 controller, a pro Playstation option with customisable profiles, bonus back buttons, adjustable triggers and more. Here’s an unboxing of the DualSense Edge with a verdict after several days of testing for this £209.99 controller! Note that it’s PS5 only, so PS4 owners won’t be able to use it.

You’ll find lots of changes here, the biggest and best being Sony’s control profiles. These allow you to customise the sensitivity and dead zones of the thumbsticks, as well as remap each of the DualSense Edge’s buttons. You can setup an individual profile for each PS5 game, or even characters within games. Swapping between them on the fly takes just a couple of button pushes.

The Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller also serves up two back buttons, customisable triggers and a few little design changes. And it all comes bundled in a hard protective case. But is it worth that steep UK asking price?

Well, only if you’re desperate to raise your game and cash is no option. Especially as the DualSense Edge doesn’t have fantastic battery life.

Sony DualSense Edge Controller Review Chapters:
0:00 – Rambly bit
0:49 – Unboxing
2:14 – Design vs Dual Sense
4:47 – Setup & Profiles
7:28 – Haptics
7:55 – Battery life
8:41 – Byyyeeeeee

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