Sony WH-1000XM5 (Problems & Best Features after 1 Month Daily Use)

SONY WH-1000XM5 ?
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New features, new drivers, and new design
A Day In The Life With Sony WF-1000XM5 Headphones

Transparency sounds a bit robotic
You can connect to two devices at once, but not with LDAC
My ears get hot after a bit
Comfortable while wearing though – super lightweight and the softest foam
They call this vegan leatherette which is a hilarious marketing term for synthetic fake leather, but regardless, its comfortable
Fantastic call quality

Still cannot play music via wired USBC playback
You can use them with the cable included, even when the headphones are off. If you turn them on, you get ANC and perhaps a slightly different sound profile, but it was hard to tell
App is outdated
Controls are all on the right ear, so it is easy to remember everything – very intuitive
Google FastPair
No-plastic packaging

No water resistance rating, so I would rather not run with them in the rain
Ear cups snap in and are pretty easy to replace and new ones are about $20, so this is good!
They stayed on my head when lifting like benching and squatting – good
They stayed on my head when running – level 2 = good
They stayed on my head while doing burpees – level 3 = good
Ears might get hot – if you are sweaty, they will not stay on as well. I’m not a heavy sweater
Plenty loud with strong bass capabilities
Great simple gestures on ear cups make switching songs easy, but if running, it takes some getting used to
Sweaty hands can be problematic

No folding
The double and triple press options for the ANC button only have one option (spotify)
Battery seems to last forever
Super powerful ANC blocks out everything
Stylish design adds a nice flare in comparison to the fairly bland XM4s
Cup hand to hear surroundings temporarily is so convenient

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