STATIONPC M3 – Most Powerful 4K Android Streaming Box – RK35882 – 8GB+64GB – Any good?

STATIONPC M3 – Most Powerful 4K Android Streaming Box – RK35882
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Station PC Specs:
* RK35882 Octa-core 2.4Ghz
* GPU: Mali G610
* Supports M.2 SATA / MicroSD
* StationOS (Android)
* HDMI v2.1 / USBC 3.0
* Supports 8K 60Hz
* IR Remote

00:00 Intro
00:16 Key Features
00:43 Inside the Box
01:20 Design
01:54 Specs
02:34 Price
03:04 Boot-up Test
03:13 StationOS
03:36 Settings
04:45 GMS Install
05:42 4K from USB
06:32 AV1 Sample
06:42 4K YouTube
07:21 Netflix/Prime
07:42 Gaming: Asphalt 9
08:06 PS2 Test
08:43 PSP Test
09:07 Wii Test
09:18 N64 Test
09:33 System Benchmarks
10:14 Performance Chart
10:54 Pros & Cons

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