Steam Deck Review | Two Months Later | RIP Switch OLED!

Reviewing the Steam Deck (512GB model) two months after it finally arrived, to see if it really is a portable games machine to beat Nintendo’s Switch OLED. The Steam Deck is great for PC gaming on titles like Elden Ring and more niche stuff like emulation thanks to EmuDeck. In the long term I can only see it getting better, although it’s not as portable as the Switch OLED which is a shame.

If you can’t stretch to a beefy PC rig but you want to play AAA titles, this is a more affordable way of doing it. Many of the best Steam games can be played on this device, even those that aren’t stamped as ‘fully compatible’. And they play on the Deck with a smooth frame rate, although the 720p display isn’t as hot as the Switch OLED’s. Emulators run well on this meaty machine as well, great news for retro games fans.

This 512GB Steam Deck model boasts a number of upgrades on top of the extra storage. The SSD is faster, that screen sports an anti-glare finish and you have a massive carry case. Massive!

Steam Deck 512GB Two Month Review Chapters:
0:00 – Deck ’em
0:53 – Design
3:06 – Controls
4:08 – Steam OS
6:29 – Desktop (Linux) mode
8:23 – Emulation
9:07 – Storage & load times
10:17 – Performance & cooling
11:36 – Display & audio
13:12 – Battery life
14:23 – Verdict

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