Technics EAH AZ80 vs AZ60M2 Review | Best Premium Earbuds?

Reviewing the Technics EAH AZ80 and AZ60M2, a pair of true wireless earbuds boasting some of the best audio of any 2023 buds. Factor in the feature-packed app, ANC and excellent call quality and the Technics AZ80 & AZ60M2 are great all-round Bluetooth earbuds. However, they also come with a premium price, to rival the Bose and Sony buds. In the UK, that’s ££259 vs £199.

When it comes to comparing the AZ80 with the AZ60M2, there’s not actually much difference. The more expensive Technics offer a different driver design, 10mm vs 8mm, so audiophiles will prefer the crispy audio pumped out by the AZ80. However, both deliver on the sound front, while also offering very similar features.

The EAH-AZ60M2 packs ANC smarts, just like its more premium sibling, with a dual transparency mode. Those touch controls are fantastic and fully customisable. And you have the same LDAC, Hi-Res etc support with both Technics AZ80 and the AZ60M2.

Battery life is also identical, as far as I could tell in my testing. You can get just over five hours of playback from each of these earbuds, when using LDAC. And both buds can connect to up to three devices simultaneously, or two when using AAC/SBC.

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Technics EAH AZ80 vs AZ60M2 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Technic-ally an intro
0:27 – Design
1:39 – Technics Audio Connect app
4:24 – Touch controls
5:28 – ANC
6:31 – Audio quality
7:43 – Mic test
8:26 – Battery life
9:48 – Verdict

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