The Anti-Google Phone! | Murena One Privacy Smartphone

Unboxing the Murena One, a privacy-focused smartphone that shuns Google to keep your sensitive bits safe, from the Fairphone chaps. This hands-on review shows off the Murena One’s /e/OS setup and Google-alternative apps and services. However, that hardware isn’t as modern as many mid-range phones while the App Lounge may not be a great Google Play alternative.

Android already offers some great built-in privacy tools and you can always load a custom ROM if you want to try something different. Meanwhile the Murena One gives you a email address and 1GB of cloud storage, plus a range of apps so you can backup files and work online. Naturally you can pay more if you want a bit of extra storage. There’s also a super-privacy mode that can block trackers and fake your location, although this seems to slow everything down.

As far as the specs go, you have a basic 50MP camera slapped on the back of the Murena One phone, plus a 32MP selfie snapper. Both are poor compared with similarly priced rivals. Performance is juddery and that IPS screen is also not as good as OLED alternatives.

So, what’s your thoughts on the Murena One? Let us know what you think of the anti-Google privacy smartphone below!

Murena One Unboxing & Review Chapters:
0:00 – Choose FREEDOM
0:50 – What’s in the box?
1:39 – Design
2:26 – Setup
3:33 – eOS
4:20 – Advanced Privacy
5:14 – Apps
6:45 – Murena Cloud
7:23 – App Lounge
9:24 – Display & audio
11:09 – Performance
11:45 – Battery
12:04 – Cameras
13:29 – Byyyyeeeee!

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