The Apple HomePod is Amazing (2nd Generation)

The new Apple HomePod gen 2 really surprised me with it’s impressive sound performance. Once you add a second speaker in stereo mode, things get even better!

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About me:

I am an avid smart speaker user. I had a nest mini and then full size Echo but it kept trying to upsell me junk, then I switched to a Bose Portable Smart Speaker but the assistant was too slow on that, and now I am going all in on the Apple HomePod

I love how Apple keeps the names simple
Two colors
Recycled mesh fabric – no impact to audio
This can genuinely blend into your home design
Temperature and humidity sensor built in
Can use as stereo pair
Gentle confirmation tone is not obtrusive

Room filling
Plenty of warm, rich, and true bass
Clean and natural sound
Not overpowering and not weak
5 beam forming tweeters on the bottom, pointing up to avoid table reflections

Computational audio – presents focal points in a song, such as lead vocals, to the middle of the room, and ambient sounds against the walls

Uses feedback from internal mics to calibrate for your room’s acoustics

One of the things I look for in a good speaker is the balance at different volumes. Sometimes with lower quality speakers, I find myself turning it way up just so I can actually hear the bassline or vocals. The HomePod sounds great at any volume. Plenty of bass at 20% volume, but if you turn it to 100%, you can really jam with this. It’ll shake your couch

Spatial audio

Stereo pairing
They just sound so much bigger than they are. They have this way of making the sound very immersive and move up walls and all around you

You can use this with an AppleTV
Ask Siri to play
Handoff from iPhone

Can listen for smoke alarms
Can tell you the temperature
Can control smart home devices
Can take phone calls
Intercom (including phone)
Can auto pause when you leave a room
Find My – friends and family
Easy to add automations based on arrival/departure, time, sensors, etc
E.g. close shades when temperature is too high on sunny side of house

No Siri Spotify support, but you can play Spotify on here
You need to have an iPhone to set it up
More expensive than Amazon
No Bluetooth

Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

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