The BEST Earbuds I Ever Tested – Sony WF 1000XM5

There is new king around here and it’s name is Sony WF-1000XM5. These earbuds have the best ANC, fantastic transparency, audio, features, and more. There is so much to like about these!

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ANC is absolutely incredible!
All frequencies are crushed and you just get absolute silence. It is clearly improved across the entire spectrum but especially in the vocal range. I had no idea my wife was talking to me yesterday
They have a new dedicated ANC processor inside plus a new integrated processor for everything else

TEST 1: The common test for white noise: tied in first place with Bose QCii and AirPods Pro 2, but the other frequencies are the big win
TEST 2: crowd test – 48.6dB
Bose – 47.5dB (previously first place)
TEST 3: female voice test – 45.6dB
Bose – 40.6dB

TEST 4: Wind – in transparency mode, it sounds exactly like my actual ears in wind
In ANC mode, it is very muted but still audible until I play any music. I would say in high wind, I might need to turn my volume up by one notch but that’s it
Bose QCE2 have very marginally better low end ANC, but these crush it with the high end and have less white noise, so overall these feel quieter in most environments

Higher quality DAC inside
Larger 8.4mm driver vs last year’s 6mm driver
Improved accuracy and better lows
Super clear and detailed
Crisp highs and powerful bass
Natural and analytical
Plus for android users, you have LDAC and DCEE Extreme to upres

6 mics and AI noise reduction + bone conduction sensor

25% smaller than the XM4s
15% smaller case
2 colors
Sleek and premium design

1 = NC/AMB
2 = quick access
3 = quick access
Hold = quick attention
4 = volume
1 = play/pause
2 = next
3 = previous
Hold = assistant
4 = volume

360 reality audio – I never use this ever
Personalization in the app – scan your ear – I never use this
LE audio (low latency for gaming)
8/24 hrs WITH ANC!
3 min charge = 60 min listening
Wireless charging
Multipoint connectivity
Eco friendly packaging
Ambient sound control – I never use this
Auto play/pause
Speak to chat

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