The Elusive OnePlus Nord 3 | TSW161

The OnePlus Nord 3 launched this week, but the UK release seems to not be happening. Shame as this mid-range phone looks like a proper Pixel 7a rival, with respectable camera tech, proper gaming grunt etc. Here’s hoping the OnePlus Nord 3 overcomes those ‘legal difficulties’ and hits the UK soon!

This fresh affordable smartphone packs some premium specs and several upgrades vs the 2T. You’ve got a bigger 6.74-inch display, boasting a crisp 1240p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, backed by stereo speakers. The OnePlus Nord 3 also serves up a bigger battery – a 5000mAh mega-bastard, complete with 80W Super VOOC charging as before.

Mediatek’s meaty Dimensity 9000 chipset is stuffed inside the Nord 3, alongside sackfuls of RAM – up to 16 gigs of the stuff. And with a dedicated cooling system in place, plus that nifty ColorOS gaming mode, the OnePlus Nord 3 should be a cracker for playing whatever you fancy.

As for the camera hardware, that’s another upgrade – the OnePlus Nord 3 rocks a 50MP Sony IMX890 sensor with OIS to match the flagship phone, albeit with different processing smarts.

This week also saw the launch of the Honor 90, another mid-ranger this time powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. The OLED screen is another stunner, and this time your have a 200MP Samsung camera sensor – so is it a worthy alternative for us UK lot? My full review is live now!

Tech Spurt Weekly Ep161 Chapters:
0:00 – Let’s get ready to rumble
1:00 – Honor 90 launch
2:50 – OnePlus Nord 3
5:43 – Viewer comments
12:44 – Next week

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