The Godzilla of Tablets! | Lenovo Tab Extreme Review

Reviewing the Lenovo Tab Extreme, a 14.5-inch Android tablet with Precision Pen stylus and optional keyboard dock. I’ve been testing the Lenovo Tab Extreme for a week now and here’s my verdict – is this one of the best multi-tasking devices of 2023?

It’s certainly one of the biggest, and my review sample came with a stylus and folio case bundled. If you want the keyboard you’re going to have to pay extra. Still, the Lenovo Tab Extreme is certainly a solid option for entertainment as well as creators and workers. That mighty OLED screen and JBL speaker arrangement means movies look and sound fantastic. Plus the Lenovo Tab Extreme’s display is ideal for working in lots of apps and editing on the fly.

Battery life is among the very best of any tablet I’ve tested in recent times. You can stretch to a couple of days on one charge if you don’t go too crazy. Performance is satisfactory also although I did see some slowdown on the Lenovo Tab Extreme when running lots of apps.

So are you tempted by this enormous 2023 tab? Let us know your thoughts below!

Lenovo Tab Extreme Review Chapters:
0:00 – A thankfully short intro
0:26 – Design
1:48 – Security
2:22 – ZUI & features
3:26 – Display
5:09 – Multi-tasking
6:11 – Audio
7:40 – Precision Pen 3
8:39 – Keyboard dock
9:29 – Cameras
10:45 – Battery life
11:24 – Verdict

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