The “NEW” Meta Quest 2 | An Owner’s Review

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In this video, I’m reviewing The Oculus/Meta Quest 2. We’ll go over why this is a good headset, what is good for and if it’s still worth it to buy in 2022.

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Some of my gear:

▶Camera | iPhone XS 256GB –
▶Microphone | Boya M1 –
▶Tripod | K&F Concept –
▶Light stands | Neewer –
▶Small Lights | Neewer –
▶Light Umbrella Reflector | Neewer –
▶Main Light | Raleno –
▶Umbrella Holder | Neewer

00:00 Hi
00:25 Metaverse
00:55 Quest 2 VS The Others
02:35 Games
03:36 VR Fitness
03:51 Phobias
04:18 Exploring
04:37 What I like
05:49 What I don’t like
06:54 Is it still worth it?

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