The New Pico 4 VR Headset | An Overview | 2 #bloopers

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3D CAD Designer Secrets

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Requiem for the Blackberry

Last week’s Blackberry outage has caused lots of withdrawal pains. The blogs and message boards are filled with comments defending and vilifying Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry’s creator. Network interruptions are inevitable as we have seen with Sony, Google, Microsoft and Netflix. Someday we may have uninterruptible networks, but the departure or threatened departure from Blackberry seems to be more about the availability of multimedia, cooler mobile devices than a network disruption.

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As anyone who has dealt with office presentations knows, finding a good business projector rental is essential, especially when the audience is large and cost mitigation is a factor. Such large-capacity rooms also present more adverse light conditions that can mar the visibility of your presentation. Other considerations when choosing a projector are weight, remote functions, and good speakers. Apart from these, the projector should be easy to use and should offer great printed documentation.

Seven Easy Steps to Expand Your Local Business Online

As of today there are 6.9 billion people living on this planet with more than 25% of those individuals being daily users of the internet. In America alone, 75% of all households have internet access with over 84% of the adult population using the internet regularly. Market research has shown that about 67% of all searches are related to a specific purchase which clearly demonstrates a need for local business owners to take advantage of the swarms of money in hand customers looking for their products and services. Below you will find the top seven steps you can take today to explore and if properly implemented explode your business’s online potential.

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