The Phone You Fix Yourself! | Nokia G22 Review

Reviewing the Nokia G22, a budget Android smartphone built to last – with the ability to fix its screen, battery and other bits with simple tools and a guide. This full Nokia G22 tour runs through the specs and features, tests the camera tech – and Chris even shows how to replace the battery, without maiming himself.

Here in the UK, this phone will cost £149 and release on March 8. You can order replacement parts from IFixit, such as a screen (£45) or battery (£23).

The Nokia G22 serves up some decent specs for that budget price, including a 50MP camera that’s fine in good light, although does struggle otherwise. You have a 6.5-inch HD IPS screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3, plus IP52 splash resistance.

However, although you get excellent battery life, the Nokia G22 does have limited performance thanks to the basic Unisoc chipset. It’s also old Android 12, with a couple of OS upgrades – here’s hoping Android 13 arrives soon.

So are you tempted by the Nokia G22? The QuickFix design, extended three year warranty and low price are certainly enticing if you want something to hold onto for a while. As long as the performance doesn’t suffer more over time, that is.

Nokia G22 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Chatty start bit
0:43 – Design
2:04 – Features
3:32 – Display & audio
5:17 – Performance & gaming
6:58 – Battery
7:29 – Cameras
9:23 – Replacing the battery!
12:24 – Byyyeeeeee

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