The Pixel 7a is a Bargain! #Shorts

My Google Pixel 7a unboxing and review with a full camera test is live now on Tech Spurt! Includes gaming on Genshin Impact, battery life thoughts after one week and more Pixel 7a goodness than you can shake several big sticks at.

Exactly What Is The Internet and Exactly Who Developed It?

The Internet is a group of computing device systems which have been attached and so they can possibly serve up billions of men and women around the world. The particular title “Internet” tells all this. It’s actually utilized to identify interconnected network systems.

The Best Laptops for Graphic Design

How do you choose the best laptop for graphic design? Pretty easy, I might say, since you need to focus a lot on the laptops hardware, rather than its software. In the laptop industry many people tend to choose Dell or Apple, since their brands have made it clear that when you choose one of their products, you won’t ever regret doing so.

How To Fix Windows 1606 Error

Windows 1606 error is a common fault which is caused by a specific error inside the “registry database” of Windows. The 1606 error typically shows when you try and install a program, and is the result of your PC not being able to properly process a particular folder location on your system. If you’re seeing this error, it generally means that your system has some sort of problem inside its “core workings”, meaning that in order to fix it – you have to be able to use the steps and processes which will allow it to read the settings it…

3 Easy Ways To Fix A Slow Computer

If your computer is slow to load up programs, slow to run your websites & games, and generally just running like a snail – it could be down to the way in which your system may have a series of errors & problems that are preventing it from being able to run smoothly. We’ve found that there are a lot of problems that slow Windows systems down, meaning that in order to fix your slow PC – you have to be able to speed up any of the potential issues that your computer could have. The good news is that…

Windows 7 Blue Screen Errors Fix – How To Repair Blue Screen Of Death Errors On Win7

The “Blue Screen Of Death” is basically an error which is so serious that Windows cannot continue functioning in the current session, leading it to restart and show the blue error. Although these errors are highly common on many of the older versions of Windows (Windows 95 was renowned for showing this screen), Win7 blue screen errors are a different matter altogether. If you’re seeing blue screen errors with Windows 7, you have to be able to repair any of the possible problems that are leading this issue to occur – which can be done by first checking the hardware…

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