The Pixel Watch by Google – My Thoughts on the rumors/leaks

Here is everything we know about the long anticipated and rumored Google Pixel Watch with WearOS 3.0
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The renders and leaks shown in this video were originally from Jon Prosser and Ian. Be sure to check out their twitter accounts, websites, socials, and all for their latest creations!

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Let’s start out with the three reasons we are more confident now than ever that Google is launching the elusive pixel watch.

WearOS 3
Google is encouraging more development from 3rd party app
Google revamped their apps
Google hasn’t rolled it out yet except for Samsung’s version of it – If you were google, you would probably want to roll it out on your device first
Google acquired Fitbit
Fitbit didn’t release a new device
Could that be because they’re working on a pixel watch and it’s delayed? Or because Fitbit is waiting for WearOS 3?
Anti- Fitbit did announce they would be using WearOS in their next devices
We expect Fitbit will remain separate
More leaks than before with higher conviction
Code name Rohan according to Jon prosser
Actual photos

Watch will likely be round
May come in two sizes
We expect to see a rotating crown on one side, possibly a button, but I don’t see that in leaks
Very slim bezel shown with thin watch
Expect a poor battery life
Will it use a Google tensor branded chip or exynos?
Or possibly a snapdragon 4100 or 5100 chip?
Probably lots of Fitbit integration
WearOS 3 with an improved Google assistant

As early as this spring. Google launched the Pixel 3a in early May, and it is not unlikely to see a pixel watch launch at the same time this year. This would give them a solid 3-4 months of hype before apple and Samsung launch their next generation watches

Googles history of hardware and wearable

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