The REAL Reason I’m Switching to Pixel Fold (NOT Galaxy Z Fold5)

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold5, the Pixel fold is inferior in almost every way imaginable. The Galaxy Fold5 has an s-pen, actually opens apps to full screen, has thinner bezels, unlocks more Galaxy watch functions, and actually opens flat to 180 degrees. So why do I prefer to use the Pixel fold, this seemingly inferior device, as my everyday phone? It sounds baffling that one singular aspect of the phone can make me choose the pixel fold and accept so many compromises, but that is exactly what happened. To clarify, I love Samsung products and this video is in no way sponsored at all. I was originally planning on putting my sim in the Galaxy Fold5 but here I am, a month later, using the Google Pixel Fold everyday and actually loving it. So like I said there is really only one reason I chose the Pixel fold over the Galaxy Fold, but along with that one thing, there are a ton of nuanced quirks, frustrations, and hidden benefits of this first generation device that you really do not notice until after using it a month or two as I have been.

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Samsung designed an inside screen-first phone. This is an outside screen first, with the best aspect ratio out there

I use the outside screen 85% of the time but when I need the big screen, I am SO happy I have it
Perfect for multitasking
Perfect for showing someone photos or videos
Web browsing with tabs
Dual apps

Now that is why I chose this folding phone, but not why I chose this over the many other great phones out there. Let’s go pro-con-pro-con

CON: Battery life is not great
I wish I could give you a good measurement, but my solution to the battery problem skewed my information

Magsafe sticker

Speakerphone is oddly quiet

Google Pixel features – hold for me, call screening, direct my call

Lack of optimized apps
Split screen only works in one orientation

Some apps work in full screen if you rotate
Split screen is so useful! I use it for multitasking
For copying photos to emails, texts, etc (simply select multiple photos, then tap and drag)
Soon you will be able to copy text like this too

For retyping passwords, pins, phone numbers, etc – never need to remember anything
For verification emails without closing the app you are logging into

It’s technically not dust rated
I dropped this in sand. It’s fine

I accidentally press the power button in my pocket all the time(?)

Smaller size – I heard someone say it feels like a Pixel 7 mini
Passport like design
Google Pixel features
Clean UI

Cameras are good, but not as good as the 7 pro (you can really notice in low light)
The price

I am confident this is a phone that will continue to get substantially better. Apps with large screen capabilities will be surfaced on google play and other apps will include warnings

Is it worth the $1800 right now? No, much like most first gen devices, this is for early adopters but I will say this. I have showed my iPhone friends the flip4, the fold5, and the pixel fold, and the Pixel fold is the one that got the most positive reactions. People lit up and said “woah. That is so cool. I get why this exists”

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