The Very Best Smartphone (iOS vs ONE UI vs Pixel Android) – In Depth Comparison

In this video, I dive deep into the three most popular interfaces in the US and break down the surprising differences to find out which phone UI is the best of the best.
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Which Version of iPhone Should You Buy?

Recently with all the ongoing frenzy of iPhone, there have been two more to add to it. Apple has introduced iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Both the versions seem to contain an upgrade version with tweaked features. Nonetheless, with all this it is difficult to choose any one of them. Let us find out how these compare against one another.

Which Accessories to Purchase for Your New Surface Pro?

After being talked about in the technology media, Microsoft has finally launched its Surface models. This brings forth the updated hardware tablet to the technology market. The Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 are all that you would want but what about the accessories? Before you think of purchasing any of the Surface tablets, it is essential that you are equipped with the right extras to add to its charm. Read on to find out so that you need not go looking elsewhere for additional stuff.

The Computer Has A Black Screen: What Do I Do?

If your computer has a black screen which won’t go away, it could be the result of either a hardware problem or a software problem. The first thing you can do is try to figure out whether your monitor still works. First make sure your monitor is turned on. Most monitors have a little LED light which turns green, yellow, or orange when they’re turned on. If you don’t see that light, press the power button on your monitor.

If Your Computer Has A Black Screen, Try This Monitor Trick

This applies only to LCD displays, not older CRT monitors, and most people who have the problem which this trick can help fix are using laptops. The wires which go from the computer part of your laptop to the monitor part of your laptop typically go through the hinged part of your laptop case. Constant opening and closing of those hinges, plus the inevitable dropping and other abuse of your laptop, can damage the wires and connected parts of your laptop, creating a black screen.

Should You Backup Before Or After Removing Old Files?

Removing old files is somewhat dangerous. Permanently deleting a file makes it practically irrecoverable, so you’ll never be able to use it again. If you accidentally remove old files you later decide you need, you’ll have to waste hours or days recreating them.

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