This Is When Folding Phones REPLACE Traditional Smartphones

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Will Folding Phones Replace Regular Phones?

Positives & Negatives
Maps is fantastic! I love the large square view
Great for split screen too if you use some othe

-1) Ergonomics
Front screen too narrow to type well and the big screen in the middle required two hands

Everyone talks about multitasking, but I usually just used one app at a time (unless i was driving)

Split screen essentially gives you two full size phones side by side, that are connected

I used Brave browser with multiple tabs – easier to read, easy to toggle tabs, easy to get a desktop like experience

WAYYY better for researching

Honestly even better than tablets in many regards. I prefer a laptop of course, but I would say this is number two, before tablets and definitely before slab phones

I love how apps like messages will just show conversations on the right and the list of conversations on the left – very useful!

Email is the same way

-2) APPS

Some apps get mad and won’t open (earbud tester app) unless you split screen
Since we are talking about the future of foldables, this will definitely improve

+3) Cool features
Fold to use as a tripod for the camera – in any orientation
Fold to use as a tripod for the flashlight
Fold to use as a stand for watching videos
I actually use this last one all the time

-3) Aspect ratio
At least right now, videos are not formatted for these aspect ratios. I think someday the folding phones will have a more consistent aspect ratio (wider front display and less square middle)

So much wasted space!

BUT the middle display is really large, so you are still getting a better viewing experience than most other devices

+4) Pen and large writing space
I can legitimately get a lot of work done. Reading contracts is amazing, signing is amazing,and sometimes even taking notes

but the pen is too large to carry around unfortunately

-4) I never use the pen case (I bought one, but it just sits on my desk) – this really needs a pen silo. If it had that, then folding phones could really have some major advantages over slab phones

+5) Fun, novel, and interesting

-5) I wish Snapchat had a preview mode for the rear display – the interior screen sucks, but sometimes I want to use the rear lenses

+6) Most of the drawbacks people expect before using a foldable were a non issue for me – durability, weight, thickness, the crease in the middle, the under display camera quality

-6) Hard to make these dust resistant
Mine already gets creaky when I open it

It is hard to explain the increased productivity I have with this phone. It is smaller than a tablet, so you can actually type on it, and the crease makes me want to multitask. At the same time the larger display in comparison to a traditional phone makes it easier to read/multitask/use s-pen

I think this needs to be wider and slimmer

I don’t think they will replace slab phones. I think they will coexist and we will eventually see foldables steal a larger market share, but I am not convinced they will be a majority, but I could see them getting much more popular than they currently are

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