This Super Scooter goes 63mph (100Km/h)!!

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The Evolution Of Technology In Different Industries

Gadgets have been in a state of revolution since God knows when they were created. Hominids were the first to create tools to make their life easier. For specific practical purposes humans have always produced appliances and devices.

Forecasting Future Trends In Informational Technology

The internet is one place which allows people to create business and social connections, share and gather information and collaborate on online projects. By the year 2016, 80 percent of the entire population amounting to be around 5.8 billion will be using the internet. Web 2.0 has a remarkable impact and it has become an important part of everyone’s life as well as work.

Windows 7 Out of Memory Error

‘Windows 7 Out of Memory’ is a common error reported by Windows users. Mostly this error appears on your screen when registry entry in SharedSection is corrupted. There are various other causes too behind this issue, however, to fix the problem you need to start with registry modification.

The Future Of 3-D And Social Media Video Gaming

Game developers are not only capitalizing games that involve hands but all 5 senses. So it can be said in near future games will be created that can be seen, heard, tasted and even smelt. Today you only use sense of sight and hearing but in upcoming years you are going to play games beyond a simple screen and speakers.

The Future Of Mobile Internet Is 4G Technology

4G in simple terms means fourth generation mobile technology, it’s a name given to the International Mobile Telecommunication’s advanced standards which have been set by ITU (International Telecommunications Union). What these standards mean are download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second while accessing the internet wirelessly.

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