Top 10 Best Stock Android Smartphones (Summer 2022)

Reviewing the best stock Android smartphones in summer 2022, including Google’s Pixel 6a, 6 and Pro (still boasting some of my favourite camera tech of any phone), Asus’ Zenfone 9, the Nothing Phone 1 and lots of top rivals. These stock Android handsets cover a range of budgets from affordable to flagship and they’re all among the best you’ll find at their price points.

I’ve shot a full unboxing and in some cases full reviews of the Pixel 6a, Nothing Phone, Zenfone 9 and the other smartphones mentioned in this round-up. So if any of them have buffed your melons, then check out my coverage!

When it comes to camera smarts, the Pixel 6 series has hot competition these days. That mid-range Google smartphone, the 6a, holds up well despite the older hardware. You can still shoot impressive photos and video for a budget friendly version of those Android flagship phones.

However, the Zenfone 9 and Nothing Phone 1 are close behind with their excellent IMX766 sensor and AI smarts. The Asus blower is another delightful compact device, one of the best mini mobiles of 2022 with its excellent battery life and impressive performance.

If you’re on a tighter budget, UK tech fans can grab the Moto Edge 20 series or new Moto G82, or even the super-cheap Nokia G11.

Best Stock Android Smartphones Chapters:
0:00 – Skippy skip
0:48 – Pixel 6a
2:30 – Pixel 6 & 6 Pro
3:26 – Asus Zenfone 9
4:54 – Nothing Phone 1
6:18 – Motorola Moto Edge 20 series
7:54 – Motorola Moto Edge 30
8:33 – Motorola Moto G82
8:52 – Motorola Moto G31
10:01 – Nokia G11

Guide to Differentiate Between Smartphone, Feature Phone and Mobile Phone

Not everyone is as well versed with technology as a technology geek and this is the reason why terms like mobile phone, feature phone and Smartphone often are used interchangeably by an ignorant user. Moreover, when out in market numerous phones are available according to budget, technology and style factor it does confuses an average user. It is up to the user to make a choice but for this you need to know which one will suite your needs. A Smartphone, Feature phone and a Mobile phone are distinct in features as well as the technology. Let us find out how each one is different from another?

Looking Back to Where Digital Cameras Have Started Out From

In today’s times digital cameras are increasingly becoming more sought-after than in the past. The incredible level of popularity associated with “digi-cams” is indisputable – the majority of people are already using one or have bought before. Every single year, countless people around the globe go on a vacation and together with them is a digital camera, enabling them to capture the most amazing memories and remember their tales for years to come. Yet, digital camera models are essentially just the same as regular models of cameras utilized in the past with the mere difference that they’ve got more features and functions. We’ll have a closer look to where exactly the beginnings of digital cameras are and where they come from.


As it goes with all technology, the complexity, size, construction and general form of the device modifies over time. These changes form the evolution of technology, its increased use and application for what have become everyday necessities.

Android Battery Saver App Is a Malware

There are many malwares running rampant on the internet and any user who is unaware of it is vulnerable to the attack. Moreover, with changing technology, the malware too is evolving and the means of infecting the system too is changing fast. At this time, it becomes essential to know more about the prevalent malware threats and scares as these are harmful and damaging to the system. Recently there has been news about Battery Saver App for Android. Most of the users who are unknowingly looking for the latest updates on Android may have fallen to this latest online gimmick. At one glance, it may seem that free software is provided online for enhancing battery life but the truth is regardless of what seems to be. Let us find out what is the truth behind this.

Lens, the Eye of the Camera

In today’s rush to megapixel counts in cameras we don’t hear a lot about the lens. But don’t forget each pixel has a photosite or cavity which collects light. And how does light get to the photosite?Through the lens.This article introduces us to terms we need to know if we are to understand the importance of choosing the right lens.

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