Top 15 Best Smartwatches That Aren’t The Apple Watch (2023)

Reviewing the top 15 best smartwatches of 2023 to suit any budget, focusing on Wear OS and Android users rather than the Apple Watch. From Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and the Ticwatch Pro 5 to Google’s Pixel and more budget friendly wearables, here’s my favourite smartwatches right now for fitness tracking, battery life and more.

The Ticwatch Pro 5 is my newest pick, the greatest Wear OS watch for longevity thanks to the clever dual display design. If you have a ridiculous amount of cash you might prefer the Huawei Watch Ultimate, which is a sleek and super-tough outdoor/diving smartwatch. It’s certainly one of the best looking options, although the £700 plus UK asking price is a bit tasty.

That Google Pixel Watch is certainly one of my favourites for Android smartphone owners. You’ve got impressive features like turn-by-turn navigation and that Google Assistant works well. However, the battery runs dry every day, so the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will suit you better if you’re always on the go. Especially as that Sammy smartwatch is more durable.

I’ve reviewed the Pro as well as the regular Samsung Watch 5, plus big rivals like the Huawei Watch GT3 which delivers even better battery life. That’s certainly one of the greatest options in 2023 for longevity if you don’t mind the lack of Wear OS.

Best Smartwatches 2023 Chapters:
0:00 – The bit everyone skips
0:33 – Samsung Galaxy 5 Pro
2:14 – Samsung Galaxy 5
2:56 – Google Pixel Watch
4:02 – Fossil Gen 6
4:55 – Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 5
6:06 – Oppo Watch WiFi
6:54 – Huawei Watch Ultimate
7:49 – Huawei Watch GT3 & GT3 Pro
9:11 – Huawei Watch Buds
9:49 – Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro
10:28 – Amazfit T-Rex Pro
11:10 – Amazfit GTR4 & GTS4
12:10 – Withings Scan Watch

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