Top 15 Tech Gifts (All Prices)

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These are my picks for the best tech gifts of 2022 by price range. These are products I have reviewed and love using!
Anker Nano 3 (30W)
Peak Design Magsafe case
Mous also makes a case similar to this
ESR HaloLock magsafe car mount
$36 Tribit Stormbox Micro
$40 Lutron Aurora
$49 Soundpeats Air3 Deluxe HS
$49 Blackleaf heated massage gun
$99 Fitbit Charge 5
$135 Smart air quality meter
$149 Bose soundlink flex
$200 Galaxy Buds2 Pro
$230 Galaxy Watch5
$599 Samsung Freestyle (or upgrade your phone to a Fold3, get $600 off + freestyle)
$850 Gotrax Gmax Ultra (or other gotrax as low as $400)
$1,750 Aventon Level 2 ebike (was about $2,000)

I love watching gift guides. Sometimes I buy the gift guide things for myself. As a tech reviewer, it is too easy to say buy the Pixel 7 Pro or Macbook Pro but those are hella expensive. So we’re going to go in order from least to most expensive. I spent a lot of time digging through the deals

From least to most expensive

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0:00 My gift guide
1:04 gift 1
1:30 gift 2
2:38 gift 3
3:00 gift 4
3:28 gift 5
4:25 sponsored segment
6:30 gift 7
7:12 gift 8
8:00 gift 9
8:57 gift 10
9:50 gift 11
10:15 gift 12
11:00 gift 13
12:00 gift 14
13:08 gift 15
14:08 gift 16

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