TOP 7 ELECTRIC SCOOTERS 2022 (Best eScooters Tested!)

These are the very best scooters by category, including best for long range, urban riding, off roading, commuting, and even going 63mph!
GoTrax GMAX Ultra ?
Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro ?
$50 off Kaabo with code MIKE50632
Turboant M10 ?
$30 off with code ASDM10
EMOVE Cruiser ?
$50 off EMOVE with code MIKE50632
Hiboy S2 Max ?
Segway Ninebot Max ?
Xiaomi Scooter 4 Pro ?
Varla Eagle One ?

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Best Overall
Best For Commuters
Best Under $500
Best Under $2,000
Best For Urban Riding
Best For Beginners
Best For Long Range

TOP TECH DEALS (Updated Continuously):
* Wearables:
* Tablets:
* Phones:

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GoTrax GMAX Ultra
20mph, 45mi/charge, $850

Varla Eagle One
40mph, 40 miles, $1699, dual motor, 330lb rider limit

Turboant M10
20mph, 18 miles, $450

Xiaomi Scooter S2 Pro
15mph, 34 mi, $650ish

Hiboy S2 Max
19mph, 40 miles $750

EMOVE Cruiser
IPX6, 33mph, 62 miles, optional seat, $1,499

Wolf King GT Pro
$3,395 was $3,795 but my link
63mph, 74 miles, Samsung/LG batteries, IPX5, dual hydraulic brakes, sine wave controller, well built

Eagle one
Unreliable battery level meter
Stiff steering. Bad for light turns
Cruise control was tough. I wish there was manual adjustment
Bad headlights
Hard to tell if you’re in turbo/eco or single/dual
Wobbly steering column

Super solid and reliable
Great headlights
Real world range could be better (but I always go full speed, so oh well)
Speedometer is incorrect

Loud motor
Funky steering
Nice collapsible handlebars
Long range

0:50 Categories
1:10 Best For Commuters
2:10 Best Under $500
3:10 Best Under $2000
5:30 Special Announcement
5:45 Best Overall
7:45 Best Long Range
10:00 Best For Beginners
11:50 Best For Urban Riding

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