Top Laptop Accessories 2022

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Android Tips for Ice Cream Sandwich and Above

Android is an open source that has a responsive UI any Android user will agree to this fact. But it seems like there is more than what meets the eye. There are some hidden handy features and shortcuts that you can apply on your Android device. Learning to better use your Android will enable in making things simpler and getting most out of it.

Has Microsoft Created the Only iPad Rival?

The recent launch of iPad 4 and MS Surface RT tablets, it seems to be a technology surge in the market all of a sudden. However, with different platforms these two tablets seem to compete against each other in the market. For any technology user it would be relatively difficult to choose one over another. Additionally, both the brands are well established and this is what makes it difficult to make a choice. Let us find out if Microsoft is successful in creating the only iPad rival.

HP ENVY Phoenix h9-1320t Review – Find Out Why This HP Desktop Offers Exceptional Performance

The HP ENVY Phoenix h9-1320t is one of HP’s most powerful desktops out. This computer has been engineered to deliver top-notch performance. Whether you want to use it for entertainment business, or general tasks, you will be impressed with the performance.

HP Omni 27-1210xt Review – What Makes This All-in-One PC So Great? What Can Owners Expect?

The HP Omni 27-1210xt is proving to be the all-in-one PC that many consumers have been searching for. From its iconic design to its exclusive technology, you can’t go wrong with a PC like this. The components are stored in the pack of the extra large full high definition display. Imagine watching videos, viewing photos, and browsing the web on a 27 inch screen. Its streamlined design makes it easy to set up anywhere in your home. You can even mount it on the wall!

HP Pavilion p6-2300t Review – A Low-Cost and Highly Customizable Desktop PC

If you’re on a tight budget and simply want a desktop that can handle basic tasks, then look no further than the HP Pavilion p6-2300t. This model is one of the more affordable desktops on the market, and it offers a lot of value. Since the starting price is so low, you can easily add some upgrades without breaking your budget.

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